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New prices in 2020

Until 31-December-2019, OptiBeam Antenna Technologies had not made any price increases for just over six and a half years.
And new antenna models that we have added to our product range within the past six and a half years have been based on the old price calculation.
We have therefore made intensive efforts to offer you OMs long-term stable prices based on our unchanged high quality.

During these six and a half years, however, all resources have gone up in price, and not just once: personnel, production services of our mechanical cooperation partner, cost of premises (hall rent, heating, electricity), raw material (aluminum, synthetic components, stainless steel hardware) etc.
Over the past few years we have increasingly seen this in our declining margins.
Ultimately, a point has now been reached where we can no longer avoid price increases due to economic necessities.

However, we have not made a flat-rate price increase, but rather our new pricing is based on the amount of costs for material and fabrication regarding the individual antenna models.
Antenna types that are particularly complex in terms of material and manufacture are:

-> 80m antennas (monobanders and incl. 80m multi-band yagis) due to the lavish relais switch system, the high-quality high Q coils, the complex element trussing and the use of reinforcement inlays in the inner element sections

-> 40 and 30m antennas due to the use of high-quality high Q coils, and 40m antennas additionally because of the               efficient element trussing

-> Log Yagis due to the high number of elements combined with the extensive phasing line systems

-> antennas with integrated “hidden sleeve” element technology.

And so there are now price increases within a range of around 4.5 to 8%.

The new prices, including the German 19% VAT, can be found on our website and are valid from 01-January-2020.

OptiBeam Antenna Technologies
(Thomas Schmenger), Tom, DF2BlueOcean